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I'm Christopher Ravosa and I'm a software developer! I started my career as a developer at Marist College. At Marist I double majored in Computer Science and Games and Emerging Media. I also double minored in IT and IS. I graduated from Marist with my bachelor's degree in 2021. I will be graduating with my master's in Software Development in 2022.

During the fall of 2019, I worked on an AR game for mobile with a startup in Cambridge, MA. This brief experience allowed me to attain my first internship with Activision Publishing.

Available for:

Full-time software development opportunities.





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As an intern with Activision I had the chance to work with the teams at two development studios. In two successive summers (2020 and 2021) I worked with Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software to assist in the development of the campaign for CoD: Vanguard. The time I spent at Activision allowed me to get hands on experience with maintaining and expanding large codebases.

I hope you'll take the time to preview some of my work while you're here. I look forward to making an impression on the game development industry. If I'm lucky I may even get to work with you!

Thanks for visiting,

Christopher P. Ravosa

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