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Call of Duty: Vanguard

I spent time working on CoD: Vanguard over the summers of 2020 and 2021 with Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software. As a design intern, I spent time writing scripts that drive gameplay including AI behaviors, the flow of events in the game world, and systems that allow for smooth gameplay. Additionally, I made changes directly to the game world via a proprietary game engine.

I spent most of my time working on the single player campaign on the following levels: Operation Tonga, Numa Numa Trail, and The Fourth Reich.

Queen's Cup

Queen's Cup is a social card game for players aged 21+. It was inspired by the popular card game King's Cup. It adds variation to the standard game of King's Cup by randomizing the rules assigned to each card value every game.


I developed Queen's Cup  with a group of friends for Marist College's 2021 game jam. I was a programmer on the game and was responsible for animations, the Card and Deck classes which drive gameplay, and audio cues. I also assisted in writing the script for interacting with cards. Queen's Cup is currently only available on PC. The team plans on a mobile release in the future. For now, please enjoy the game at my page.


Prohibition Pounders

Prohibition Pounders is a rhythm game about a pair of bootleggers in 1920s New York. The game follows either Toni or Steve as they traverse the city while battling a rival gang.

I developed Prohibition Pounders with a team of five other students for our Game Studio course at Marist College. Programming for this game gave me the chance to work with Unity's Universal Render Pipeline (URP). The URP was primarily used to add an effect which gradually changes the camera to appear black and white with a grainy filter as the player achieves combos. Additionally, this project allowed me to program persistent player preferences and a health system which works in tandem with original beat maps. The game is available at my page.


As a computer scientist and game designer, I get the best of both the creative and technical worlds. My CS work often calls for writing lengthy algorithms and logical thinking; but I find that the best way to further my understanding of CS concepts is through employing them into larger projects. Lucky for me, my game design work gives me the perfect opportunity to incorporate my CS knowledge into expanding my video games! On this page, I've included some recent projects I've done in game development. In these projects, I got a chance to write scripts to define game mechanics, as well as the chance to design the games themselves.

Latest Projects
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