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Christopher P. Ravosa

Hartford, CT | | +1(860)918-8610 | GitHub Repository

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Self-motivated developer with a master’s degree in software development seeking to obtain a meaningful role in the video game industry. Willing to relocate to lend skills to an enthusiastic team.

Marist College                                                                                                         AUG 2020 - MAY 2022

M.S. Software Development with a concentration in mobile computing

Marist College                                                                                                         AUG 2017 - MAY 2021

B.S. Computer Science with a concentration in game design and programming

and Games and Emerging Media with a concentration in technical development and programming

Double Minor: Information Technology and Information Systems

GPA: 3.827 / 4.000

Design Intern (games, systems, UX)                                                                      MAY 2021 - AUG 2021
Activision | Raven Software
  • Assisted in implementing design decisions on Call of Duty: Vanguard during its final months in development

  • Collaborated with a cross-disciplinary team to orchestrate the successful implementation of visual effects, audio, and animations

  • Assembled telemetry maps and scripts in a proprietary engine and scripting language to log player behavior in single-player modes

  • Tracked and fixed bugs including logic errors, compilation errors, and runtime errors to ensure gameplay was free of mistakes

  • Utilized a proprietary software configuration management system to test and submit code to a larger project

Design Intern                                                                                                           JUN 2020 - AUG 2020
Activision | Sledgehammer Games
  • Worked with a triple-a team on the single-player campaign of Call of Duty: Vanguard

  • Troubleshot runtime and logic errors using a custom scripting language to ensure single-player levels were free of mistakes

  • Communicated with environment and lighting artists to create immersive settings for combat encounters

  • Implemented early design choices by placing and editing entities using a custom game engine

  • Tested and reiterated on design choices regarding cover locations, enemy positions, stealth scenarios, and scripted encounters

Technical Consultant (Contract)                                                                              OCT 2019 - JAN 2020
Monsarrat Inc.
  • Authored C# code to find safe, real-world locations for augmented reality gameplay based on predefined criteria

  • Utilized Mapbox, Google for Unity, and Amazon Web Services to visualize real-world locations in the Unity game engine

  • Served as principal communicator between the company’s founder and third-party consultants

  • Wrote and organized documentation to allow integration of original code into a larger project by third-party consultants

Mapbox Unity SDK
Kappa Sigma Fraternity - President
Autism Speaks University - Vice President
Alpha Chi National Honor Society
IGDA, Marist College Chapter
Ars Et Fides Firenze - Tour Guide at Il Duomo
Donald C. Dilly, Jr. Scholarship-Leadership Award x 2

American Legion School Award

NEATE Writing Contest for Students Winner
Marist College Deans List x 7
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